Hellmouth by Giles Kristian

Hellmouth by Giles Kristian

Giles Kristian had been on my radar for a while, but I tend to drift to fantasy over historical fiction most of the time, so I hadn’t read any of his work until I saw this. Almost from the first page I found myself enraptured by the voice and style.

The story follows a troop of Bohemian mercenaries conscripted by the Church to hunt for a heretic. Only as it turns out, they find themselves in the midst of a supernatural horror story that forces them to confront their own lifetime of sin and violence. Nothing about the mission turns out to be quite what it seems, and for days, I’ve been craving more.

An absolute must-read. I’ll be checking out more of Kristian’s work, though I truly hope he returns to this historical fantasy style as well.

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