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Runeblade Saga

At the height of Odin’s reign, he sends mortals to retrieve the lost runeblades of the Old Kingdoms. But horrors undreamt of have lain claim to these ancient blades.

The shieldmaiden Hervor takes up the cursed sword of her father in a bloody quest for vengeance, little knowing the god pulls her strings.

The Ragnarok Era

The freezing mists of Niflheim have seeped into the world, poisoning it, locking it into an age of ice and darkness. The mists steal souls and only flickering flame can hold them at bay …

Winters stretch on and on. Harsh storms wrack the land. Mankind is slowly dying out, especially in the North Realms. Glaciers slowly spread from the poles, covering the Earth. Prehistoric animals roam the wilds.

And the dead walk.

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Days of Endless Night
Days of Bloody Thrones
Days of Frozen Hearts
Days of Fading Dreams
Days of Broken Oaths
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