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About Matt Larkin

Matt writes retellings of mythology as dark, gritty fantasy. His passions of myths, philosophy, and history inform his work. 

He strives to combine gut-wrenching action with thought-provoking ideas and culturally resonant stories.

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About the Eschaton Cycle

The Eschaton Cycle retells myths and folklore through the lens of dark fantasy. Every series intermeshes with the others in a tapestry, meaning in whatever order you read them, each adds to the picture of the whole, creating a single narrative.

I’ve learned his [Matt’s] writing just works for me in a way very few others do. His stories are complex, his prose is gorgeous, his research is flawless, and he always puts a unique spin on a story I don’t expect. 

—Sarah Chorn, Bookworm Blues

Many series … One giant story

GoRE Series

Gods of the Ragnarok Era

The freezing mists of Niflheim have seeped into the world, poisoning it, locking it into an age of ice and darkness. The mists steal souls and only flickering flame can hold them at bay …

Runeblade series

Runeblade Saga

At the height of Odin’s reign, he sends mortals to retrieve the lost runeblades of the Old Kingdoms. But horrors undreamt of have lain claim to these ancient blades.

Tapestry series

Tapestry of Fate

Long before the Ragnarok Era, Titans ruled the land. In this era of tyranny, the courtesan Pandora makes an unlikely ally of the one Titan who stands for Man: The Firebringer Prometheus.

Heirs of Mana series

Heirs of Mana

A Deluge swept away the Titans and left a world of islands and endless ocean. Now, god-queen sisters war for control of a tropical archipelago.

Read Eschaton on Ream

Ream allows readers to support me and my work even more directly than buying it in stores. It provides a place where I, as the author, can have more direct control over the space and more direct connection with those who love my stories.

You can read the entire Eschaton Cycle library, even at the lowest tier. You also get access to the World Anvil wiki, which lets you really dig into the world, with character bios, maps, and more.

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