The Ragnarök Prophecy (Deluxe)

Some time after I finished the series of the Ragnarok Era (Gods of the Ragnarok Era, Runeblade Saga, and Legends of the Ragnarok Era), I realized it would have been better to present these interwoven series as a single narrative. I could not simply smash them together because of the structure and timeline, and so I deferred my desire to rectify the situation, while still mulling over possibilities.

Eventually a means of accomplishing this occurred to me, mainly resulting from having more practice with narrative structures. From this idea, the Ragnarok Prophecy was born: a single, definitive “director’s cut” edition of the entire Ragnarok epic. This edition would combine all the stories, add new material, receive a new edit, and generally get polished with some extras.

But even so, pulling this off was time consuming and required resources. In steps Kickstarter, and the chance for special editions (something else I always wanted to do). If you ever wanted more Ragnarok or wanted the absolutely sleekest editions out there, this is for you.

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