Travelogue: Denmark

Gefion Fountain

From Stockholm we took a train to Copenhagen where we stayed three nights. We visited in June, and despite the summer, found it a bit chilly—maybe it was the rain.

As a side note, looking back over these pictures and realising we wore our windbreakers in every photo, we recalled A) it rained a lot in Denmark, and B) full-time travelers don’t have that many outfits!


Because our hotel was in the city center, we were able to walk everywhere we wanted to see in Copenhagen, though admittedly, some things were a long walk. 

Frederik’s Church/Amalienborg 

Amalienborg Square

One of the first things we saw was the famed Rococo church, Frederik’s Church. It was a drizzly morning, which cut down on tourists, so we had the place almost to ourselves, as we walked around inside and out, admiring the architecture. 

Just past the church lies the Amalienborg Palace. While we did not go inside the palace, we did enjoy the gorgeous square around it, with its famous statue of King Frederick V.

Churchillparken/Gefion Fountain

Gefion Fountain

About a ten minute walk further, you come to the park around Churchillparken. The first point of interest here is the Gefion Fountain. Gefion was goddess in Norse mythology who was said to have plowed and created the island of Zealand. In my work Gefjon is an important character in the early books of Gods of the Ragnarok Era.

Within the park, you can also see St Alban’s Church. This was another spot we did not venture inside, choosing instead to appreciate its serenity from a nearby bridge.

Little Mermaid Statue

Little Mermaid Statue

At the far side of the park lies one of Copenhagen’s most iconic landmarks, the Little Mermaid Statue. Crafted by Edvard Eriksen and revealed in 1913, this bronze statue based on Hans Christian Anderson’s story instantly become a classic. No trip to Copenhagen would be complete without posing before her. While most of my research in Denmark centered around my Ragnarok stories, I do happen to have a forthcoming reimagining of The Little Mermaid and I was thrilled to see the statue firsthand.



Another iconic location in Copenhagen, Nyhavn offers boat tours of the canals, up and down this entertainment district. When one searches for Copenhagen, pictures of Nyhavn are often the first results, making this another must-see for appreciating the city.

City Hall Square

Copenhagen City Hall Square

We took a day tour to Lejre (below), and returned to Copenhagen to sleep. The next morning we had a flight to Amsterdam. Before our flight, we used our morning to explore the city just a little more, checking out City Hall Square.


We took a train to Lejre because my research demanded I had to see Land of Legends. We arrived at the bus stop and wanted to make the connecting bus to the park. When that bus did not show up, we stopped at a library to ask for help. Only, it was an unattended library. However, a local customer there asked what we needed, and when we told her why we’d come, she checked the schedule for us and found out it would be another hour. She then offered us a lift in her van to the park. I can hardly explain how much the warmth of the Danish people impacted us.

Land of Legends

Viking longhouse

Just beyond the historic town of Lejre lies Land of Legends, an archaeological museum/park recreating a Viking Age Danish village. We happened to be there when a group of school children were staying overnight, learning how to make fires, cook their own food, and survive in old times (coolest school trip ever!). They had a traditional blacksmith, potter, and other crafts. The kids learn archery, rowing boats, and other activities. One of the staff even tried to teach our daughter to start a fire with rocks. Every single person we encountered proved eager to teach and explain everything about this lost age, from architecture to common practices. For a historical enthusiast I cannot recommend Land of Legends highly enough.

Land of Legends making fire

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