As M.A. Larkin and T.K. Kato, Matt also writes science fiction and horror.

Sins of Angels

Professor Rachel Jordan dared to defy 3000 years of angelic doctrine, teaching that the ancient angels were never the saviors they claimed to be. The Redeemers, self-appointed guardians of angelic law, branded her a heretic. Hunted by zealots who would brainwash her back into the angelsí good graces, she flees to the edge of civilized space.

But not to hide.

Logout of Cthulhu

Reeling from the loss of his family, game tester Bobby Walmore is contracted to work his way through an augmented reality park. The headset reveals a virtual world inspired by the horror works of H.P. Lovecraft. The game rapidly turns into more than a paycheck–it’s an addiction Bobby cannot turn away from. Every clue he uncovers and every mystery he solves leads him deeper the twisted lore of forces lurking in the shadows. And Cthulhu World holds darker secrets than Bobby was ever prepared for …

Black Ocean: Astral Prime

Written with J.S. Morin as a follow-up for his Black Ocean: Galaxy Outlaws, Astral Prime started with a familiar premise for fans of 90s sci-fi TV: a space station on the edge of known space serves as a hotspot for inter-species conflict. The situation rapidly evolves into a cosmic horror space opera of epic proportions.