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The Titan Era

Tapestry of Fate

Titans rule the world, their immortality assured by their jealously guarded Ambrosia tonic. Beneath their sandals, mortal Men slave and struggle, never certain when Titan whims will shatter their lives.

In this era of tyranny, the courtesan Pandora makes an unlikely ally of the one Titan who stands for Man: The Firebringer Prometheus. He saves her from the wrath of Zeus, but in the process, she finds herself swept up in a conflict that spans ages and continents.

When Prometheus himself falls prey to Zeus’s savage punishments, Pandora swears to go to any length to save him. Her quest drivers her to face demigods, slay monsters, and stare down the Titans who lord over Mankind.

In the end, she must find the strength to stand beside Mankind’s greatest heroes—or watch all she loves get swept away in the currents of Fate.

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About the Titan Era

They walk among us, statuesque, steps resounding through the ages. Much though they bear the visages of Men, they are not us.

From the time of Nyx they came, and now sandaled feet shake the Earth whilst their cities claw at the heavens. Behold the masters of the World.

And we forever tremble in the shadows of Titans.

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