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Review: Daughter of Atlas by Kirsten M. Corby

This (pre)-historical fantasy follows a young priestess named Herata, in charge of the Nine Seas temple of Atlantis. She becomes aware of overtaxation upon the leylines used to power the Atlantean Empire that has spread across the world and warns society a fall is coming if they don’t change their ways.

Predictably, the rich and powerful–who got this way via use of the leylines and their aum energy–utterly refuse to listen to her. Their willful ignorance might be almost comical … if it wasn’t an obvious metaphor for the real world abuses heaped upon the environment and the willful ignorance of those rich from the status quo.

Subtitled, “A Novel of the Fall of Atlantis,” you can probably guess how it will end. This knowledge lends an impending sense of tragedy to every page, every relationship, every interaction. Corby does an impressive job of giving the impression that Atlantis could have turned back at so many warning points. But they don’t. They refuse to consider the Earth (Gaea) as anything other than a resource for them to use.

Consequently, global society is destroyed, and man is pushed into a dark age.

Tonally, it’s kind of lighter than my usual fair … expect for the impending doom, the fact everyone is corrupt and self-destructive, and Herata is basically the only one who sees it. So not too light.

While I quite enjoyed the novel, it has enough formatting and editing glitches to distract. Or at least the version I picked up a couple years back had such issues–it’s possible they’ve been fixed since then. Such things don’t bother me too much, but it was fairly frequent — things like quotation marks in the wrong place and so forth.

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