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Welcome to Ragnarok

The freezing mists of Niflheim have seeped into the world, poisoning it, locking it into an age of ice and darkness. The mists steal souls and only flickering flame can hold them at bay …

Winters stretch on and on. Harsh storms wrack the land. Mankind is slowly dying out, especially in the North Realms. Glaciers slowly spread from the poles, covering the Earth. Prehistoric animals roam the wilds.

And the dead walk.

Dark Norse myth awaits you …

Gods of the Ragnarok Era

Aided by his blood-brother Loki, Jarl Odin sets into the perilous mists to slay a frost jotunn. This quest proves only the beginning when he stumbles upon a chance at immortality … but the price may prove higher than he could ever imagine.

Enter an age of mist and ice …

The Ás tribes roam the land of Aujum, ever contending with beasts of the wilds and fell dangers from the mist. A savage people from a savage land, they mark the epitome of North Realm warriors.

Long worshipped as gods, the now-reclusive and immortal Vanir occupy the paradise of Vanaheim far to the west. They seldom interfere in mortal affairs, even as mankind freezes.

The jotunnar—called giants by some—were defeated long ago and banished into Utgard, beyond the Midgard Wall. Some, however, find their way back to the world of men. For consuming the flesh of men grants them fell power …

Midgard. The world of men, divided into the North and South Realms. The Midgard Wall encloses the land from sea to sea, protecting from the perils of Utgard.

Utgard is the land of frozen wilds and home to the jotunnar, but too, to all lands beyond those known in Midgard, including Serkland Caliphate. It is the mysterious realm beyond the Midgard Wall and the seas.

On the other side of an imperceptible Veil lies a shadowy echo of the Mortal Realm. A darkness filled with ghosts and spirits from worlds even further beyond. A place of strange beings called vaettir.

At the heart of Vanaheim lies the World Tree, Yggdrasil. Its roots run through both the Mortal Realm and the Otherworlds, spreading life and holding the cosmos together. Its golden fruit bestows immortality …

The dverg princes crafted nine blades of orichalcum, gifting one to each of the Old Kingdoms. The blades offer power beyond human ken. But each bears a curse …

The Ragnarok Era is part of the Eschaton Cycle greater universe—a universe of retold myths, legends, and fairytales through the lens of dark fantasy.


  • Myths and Legends
  • Grimdark Fantasy
  • Sword and Sorcery

For Fans Of

  • Mythology
  • Guy Gavriel Kay
  • R. Scott Bakker
  • George R.R. Martin

Norse mythology as it should be written

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Our Elder Edda Brought Forth

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It’s brutal, ruthless, merciless and cold

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Matt Larkin continues to weave the old stories of the Eddas and Germanic mythology to create a world of great loves … powerful hate … Gods and the undead.

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