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Into the Worldsea

Two eras back …

Before the time of Ragnarok, the continents of Mu, Kumari Kandam, and Hy-Brasil sank beneath the oceans.

Shattered in the great war and the cataclysm that followed, they left behind only a string of archipelagos and an endless expanse of waves:

The Worldsea.

Into the inundated world surged spirits of the water, come to build their benthic kingdoms. Civilizations of terrifying power and intent, keen to make themselves masters of a new era.

An era of adventure and exploration.

An era of piracy and intrigue.

An era of god-queens on radiant isles.

The Worldsea must one day birth the lands we know. But all births are times of pain and blood …

And before that … there are tales to be told.

Coming in February.


  1. Julie Mosher says:

    This synopsis reminds me of the Peloponnesian peoples, how they made their way across the oceans before just about everyone else. I would love to read this series.

    1. mattlarkin says:

      Thanks Julie. The particular series draws a lot of inspiration from Polynesian cultures (was that what you meant?).

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