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For Authors

Like (I assume) pretty much any published author, I sometimes get requests from aspiring authors for advice on writing and/or publishing. Also, like most of those others, I can’t provide personal help to everyone (sorry!), but I did decide to collect a few resources I thought valuable on the publishing front.

As far as the craft of writing goes, you need to get that first, and it takes a lot of practice. Read books on it. And then write, write, write. Your first book will suck. Probably your second and third, too. Don’t give up!

The single biggest bit of advice on publishing I have: Do the research. Don’t assume you know how this stuff works. There’s lots of bad information out there. Hell, plenty of trad-published authors don’t know the difference between indie publishing and vanity publishing and thus mistake indie publishing for being the 8th deadly sin.

It’s not.

But indie publishing is hard. It requires you to have two full time jobs (author and publisher) in addition to whatever other jobs you may work. As a corollary, if you decide to go the traditional publishing route, have your contracts looked at by an IP lawyer before signing. Do not skip this step.

Books (Read Them!)

Let’s Get Digital – The premier book for how to start an indie publishing career. David Gaughran is one of the people most directly responsible for me going indie instead of trad. If you are even considering a publishing career, read this book. Even if you want to go trad publishing, it’s probably worth the insights about the industry to read this.

Become a Successful Indie Author – Craig Martelle knows his stuff and I got a lot of good tips out of this one. He also runs some amazing conferences, if you’re willing to travel and spend a bit more.

Write to Market – This one is another I maybe should have read and bought into before starting (not that Chris Fox had written this, back then). It basically says write what you love, but try to make sure it’s something a few other people will love as well. And how to make sure of it. He’s got a series of easy-to-digest books for writers worth checking out.

Write. Publish. Repeat. – This one’s getting a little older, but some of the advice is pretty timeless, it’s by some guys who mentored me and helped me realize some of the mistakes of my early career.

Newsletter Ninja – The modern indie author needs a mailing list and you really should start this early, rather than late. Read what Tammi has to say. If you want more, she does offer a course on the subject from time to time.


Self Publishing Formula – SPF is run by thriller author Mark Dawson who really knows his stuff. He’s got a podcast (listen to it), a blog (read it), and a course (one for beginners and and more advance one too).

The Creative Penn – Joanna Penn is another industry leader that tackles all aspects of publishing. Listen to her.

Articles To Read

You Are Your Brand – An article I wrote for indie publishing guru Mark Dawson’s SPF blog. Man I wish I had understood this kind of thing before I started.