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Book Review: The Blood Mirror by Brent Weeks

I read this back in 2016.

I like it enough I want to share my thoughts.

Every time I pick up a new Weeks book it reminds me not only why I love his writing, but I enjoy reading as a hobby at all. It’s staying up late at night saying, “just one more chapter.” His Lightbringer series is like that.

This is book four, so, yeah, if you haven’t read the first three, go read those. Otherwise, this book won’t make any sense. And if you have read them, you probably don’t need me to explain the world and everything. Nor am I going to bother explaining the plot which builds on everything the previous three set up.

Instead I’ll say this. Weeks continues to torture his characters, including Gavin, the fallen Prism. It was almost painful watching his fall, desperately wanting him to free himself and get his revenge. And yet I could not stop reading, despite the pain.

Kip is back too, and continuing to grow into a man and a leader. He doesn’t get tortured half as bad as Gavin, but his life sometimes sucks too. And you do not want to miss it.

One other thing I love is how subtly Weeks has woven real world mythology into his books. As a mythology buff, I cannot get enough of that.

So yeah, read this series people.

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