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Book Review: Night Angel Trilogy by Brent Weeks

I read these a few years back and realized I should have a review here.

Because I loved these books.

They are amazingly fast paced, with compelling characters, and dark world. The magic is rare, a little scary, and most important, magical.

The trilogy centers around Kylar Stern, the new protege of famous Wetboy Durzo Blint. Wetboys are magic-wielding assassins working for the criminal underworld. Right away you know this is not your typical epic fantasy. Kylar is asked to do violent things to distance himself from his humanity. But Kylar transcends his training and becomes a hero, especially as the series goes on. Not a typical hero, but the avenging angel of the night.

I didn’t know anything about Brent Weeks when I got this book. It was on sale as omnibus through a book club, so I gave it a try. Now I can’t speak highly enough of it. All three novels are relentless in pace, never pausing for low tension moments, never letting up. Weeks doesn’t explain much about his world, allowing the reader to gradually pick up implied details. What we learn from Durzo, we later learn are sometimes lies.

Highly recommend a read:

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