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Book Review: Jade City

This one’s a little outside my usual.

I mean it’s wuxia.

Wuxia is awesome.

But the secondary world in which it’s set is modern with (it seemed to me) about 1970s era tech. So cars and TVs, but no computers. Because it’s a secondary world, it’s not quite urban fantasy, but close.

Anyway, the basic premise is that on the island of Kekon certain people can have a genetic ability to train and use bioreactive jade that gives them classic wuxia powers. It’s also massively dangerous, addictive, and can cause insanity and death if you wear too much or don’t have the right training.

Kekon was occupied by another country for a long time, and these jade warriors called Green Bones came and fought a guerrilla war for freedom and won. The Green Bones then broke apart into several clans which operate a lot like triads except they’re legal and support the government in exchange for tribute.

And two of these clans are about to go to a bloody war.

So it’s a wuxia gangster story. Seriously.

I enjoyed the read. The writing was gritty and real enough to keep me engaged, with characters who also felt both distinct and uniquely flawed.

I’d say check it out:

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